The Foundations Bundle

Getting the fundamentals right is key to the coaching of young athletes and ensuring committee and boards are working effectively. The Foundations Bundle gives you access to two complete courses, "Creating Healthy Young Athletes" and "Creating a Healthy Board Culture".

Who's it for

Board directors, committee members, sports administrators and coaches from all levels of sports from National bodies to local clubs.

Online delivery

Covers the four basic areas of creating a healthy culture and healthy young athletes in two high quality courses, with workbooks and videos.


Learn at your own pace online. Normally each course is $49. Buy as a bundle for $74


All materials are available for download so you can follow along.

About the courses

Creating a Healthy Board Culture

We believe that a healthy board culture is one:

  • Where the board understands what the purpose of the organisation is;
  • Where the directors understand what their role is in making sure the purpose is delivered; and
  • Where the board are working together, with clear intent and providing strategic advice to the executive officer or volunteers to make things happen.

This four part mini-course is designed for board and committee members. It brings together the experience and research needed to create a healthy board culture. Whether you are a small club committee or a large, national organisation, you need great board processes and strategic understanding across your board directors to achieve this

Lesson 1: Know your role as a director

This lesson focuses on what your obligations and responsibilities are when you are on a committee or board. No matter what sized organisation, you have certain responsibilities by law.

Lesson 2: Creating a strategic board

Having a clear purpose to create an aligned board of directors is essential for success. This lessons talks about the need and process for developing a strategic plan.

Lesson 3: Having successful meetings

Having and using a strategic plan that is a roadmap for the committee or board is essential for success. This lesson talks about how to bring your strategic plan into your meetings to drive the strategic transformation required.

Lesson 4: Developing financial literacy

Money is needed for organisational survival. But does everyone on your committee or board understand the full financial picture? This lesson talks about the basics of financial literacy for board and committee members.

Creating Healthy Young Athletes

We believe that a healthy young athlete is developed across four key areas: Movement, Mindset, Nutrition and Recovery.

This four-part mini-course is designed for parents and coaches of aspiring sporting stars. It brings together the experience and research from a range of experts in youth development.

Lesson 1: Movement

This lesson focuses on something that we do everyday and largely take for granted – movement. Learning great movement patterns is something that we have to spend more time on in this day and age due to our increasingly sedentary lifestyles. Understanding how young athletes develop and providing age appropriate movement progressions is essential to developing healthy young athletes.

Lesson 2: Mindset

Without the right mindset, success will not be achieved. But with a clear goal, a growth mindset and great personal planning, then the impossible becomes possible. Through some simple techniques you will have your aspiring athletes on track to success.

Lesson 3: Nutrition

This lesson focuses on food! Young people eat a lot of it and even more when they are playing a lot of sport. But with so much conflicting information out there it can be confusing for parents and coaches alike. This lesson aims to make it simple. Simple food is always the best!

Lesson 4: Recovery

Recovery is more than just eight hours sleep a night, but that is a good start. Many of our aspiring athletes are doing too much and get burnt out. They need time, just like us adults do, to unwind, let the body adapt and get ready for the next effort.

The Foundations Bundle

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